Neck Pain

neck pain

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Neck pain affects people from all backgrounds, whether you look at a computer all day or have a hands-on career. At Pain Management 360, with offices in Huntington, Hurricane, and Charleston, West Virginia,  pain management physician Rudy Malayil, MD, and the team can uncover the cause of your neck pain and customize a treatment plan that fits your needs. Call the office nearest you today or schedule an appointment online to learn more.

Neck Pain Q&A

What causes neck pain?

The cervical spine, commonly called the neck, is a complex structure that plays a critical role in supporting your head. With seven bony vertebrae, six discs, and multiple nerves, muscles, and tissues, the neck has multiple components that are vulnerable to damage and injury.

Common causes of neck pain include:


Arthritis is an inflammatory disease that causes joint pain. When the joints in your cervical spine swell, you can experience pain and stiffness in your neck.

Muscle strain

The muscles that support your head can strain from injury or damage, but one of the most common causes is poor posture. If you sit at a desk or stare at a computer all day, your neck muscles can stretch or tear.

Herniated disc

Each disc in your cervical spine contains a tough covering with a soft center. Repeated strains, poor posture, and injury can damage the outer shell and cause small tears. Over time, the soft center pushes through and irritates surrounding nerves.

Spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis gradually narrows the spinal canal. As the canal tightens, it puts pressure on the spinal cord, causing chronic nerve pain.

How is neck pain diagnosed?

After reviewing your medical history, your provider at Pain Management 360 performs a physical exam. The provider checks your range of motion, muscle strength, reflexes, and flexibility to pinpoint the cause of your pain. They may also order blood work and imaging scans, such as X-rays, computed tomography (CT), or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

What are the treatments for neck pain?

Pain Management 360 offers multiple interventional treatments for neck pain, such as:

Spinal cord stimulation

A spinal cord stimulator releases electrical pulses that interfere with nerve pain. Your provider implants the device near the cervical spine.

Intrathecal pump

An intrathecal pump is an implantable device that your provider can place to release steady levels of pain medication.

Vivex® procedure

If you have a degenerated disc, Vivex uses allograft, or donor tissue, to repair the damaged portion.

Nerve blocks

A nerve block is an injectable anesthetic and anti-inflammatory medication that can relieve pain around an irritated nerve.

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