Patients Reviews

‘Doc’ Rudy is an exceptional human being as well as a very well trained, compassionate and what a Physician (imo) should strive to be. He’s one of the few Drs in 2023 who listens and simply cares. It’s obvious in both his demeanor and the actions he takes in efforts to provide ‘Care’. He is indeed a rarity to the Ohio Valley.

Michael N. | Mar 15, 2023
Dr Rudy Maylil treats his patients like We are Family and really goes the extra mile. Taking time to listen and help you form a strategic Near and Long Term Strategy in battling chronic pain. I was with St Mary’s with him & his predecessor, Megan is a great Practitioner. I hope we work together soon!

Michael S. | Feb 16, 2023
I have seen Dr. Rudy at St.Marys and would like to get an appointment as soon as possible, as I understand the process, Dr. RUDY should be the Dr. Writing for my pain meds until Dr. Bullocks (SURGEON) takes over my pain management after. surgery..r This is what i was told By my PCP. I dont know whether Dr. Rudy wouĺd want to n see me first.

Donna E. | Sep 09, 2022