Patients Reviews

Dr Rudy Maylil treats his patients like We are Family and really goes the extra mile. Taking time to listen and help you form a strategic Near and Long Term Strategy in battling chronic pain. I was with St Mary’s with him & his predecessor, Megan is a great Practitioner. I hope we work together soon!

Michael S. | Feb 16, 2023
I have seen Dr. Rudy at St.Marys and would like to get an appointment as soon as possible, as I understand the process, Dr. RUDY should be the Dr. Writing for my pain meds until Dr. Bullocks (SURGEON) takes over my pain management after. surgery..r This is what i was told By my PCP. I dont know whether Dr. Rudy wouĺd want to n see me first.

Donna E. | Sep 09, 2022